Increase Desktop Internet Speeds By Making A Few Adjustments

When you have a desktop that you use every day at home, you likely rely on having a solid Internet connection to handle most of the things that you do on your computer. But, you may have noticed that your Internet speeds are not as fast or reliable as you would like them to be.

Although you could get a new desktop in hopes of improving the speeds, you should also take a lot at other things that can affect your Internet speed and connection.

Hidden Programs

An important thing to look at on your desktop is the hidden programs. For instance, you could have a lot of programs consuming some, most, or all your bandwidth while the computer is on. Running an antivirus and spyware removal program will help to clear up some problems. You will also want to go through all the programs to see which ones you should keep running.

Internet Plan

Another way to make improvements to your Internet is by looking at your Internet plan. Even when you are not running many programs at all, the combined usage of the Internet in your home may be too much for you to enjoy a steady connection while on your desktop. This is when you will want to consider contacting Internet providers to learn about your options for upgrading to another plan with higher download and upload speeds.

If the upgrade is something that does not require additional installation, you can see an immediate improvement as soon as the Internet provider activates the improved plan.


Setting restrictions on your computer can help with speeding up your Internet connection. For instance, when you download a game, it may happen quickly, but at the expense of using all the bandwidth. This can create a lag for everything else you do that uses the Internet. Even browsing the web can slow down to a crawl if you do not set limitations on the download bandwidth.

Wireless Router

If you are not running a wired connection, you may want to consider switching to one for reliable Internet service. When this is not a viable option, you should analyze your wireless router to determine whether it can provide maximum speeds to your desktop at its current location. If not, you can look for a more powerful wireless router that can provide a steadier connection.

Making a few adjustments to your desktop or Internet can give you reliable Internet speeds.