Maximizing Your Internet Connection's Performance And Security

When you are moving into a new home, you will likely need to add an internet connection. Due to your internet connection being something that you use daily, it can be easy to take it for granted. This can lead to instances of performance problems or security hazards.

Opt For A Faster Connection Than You Think You Will Need

Individuals will often make the mistake of opting for an internet connection that is too slow for their needs. This is often done in an attempt to save money on the cost of the internet connection. However, individuals will find that this can greatly reduce their ability to use the internet in the way that they want. Additionally, individuals that watch a lot of videos or play games may find that technological advances will further restrict their internet connection's ability to provide enough bandwidth for your needs.

Keep Your Router's Software Updated

Individuals will often be diligent in their efforts at keeping their computer updated. However, they may fail to appreciate the need to update the software that controls their router. Unfortunately, this may leave the router vulnerable to hacking attempts or viruses. Many router manufacturers will have email lists that individuals can use to receive notifications about major security updates for their router. Installing these updates as promptly as possible will minimize your exposure to these cyber threats. In most instances, the router will need to be restarted to complete the installation, which can interrupt your connection for several minutes.

Avoid Using The Same Password On Multiple Services

Whenever you register for a website or online service, it is advisable to use a completely unique password In the event that one account's password is compromised, this will limit the threat posed to your other accounts. Individuals will often fail to take this step by assuming that they will avoid falling for online scams or other attempts to get their password. However, vigilance will fail to protect you in the event that the service itself is hacked.

Protect Your Modem Against lightning Surges

Individuals will often fail to consider the threat posed by lightning to their internet connection. Yet, a lightning strike can send a surge through your home that can damage the router and modem. For those that use DSL, lightning surges can also travel through the phone line, which can be another potential threat. Due to the impracticality of unplugging the router and modem during every lightning storm, these devices should always be connected to surge suppressors.

Contact an internet access provider for more help.