Why It's Still A Good Idea To Have A Home Phone Line

Think you do not need a home phone line because you are getting by just fine with your cell phone? If so, consider the following reasons to still have a landline hooked up for phone calls at home.


Are you tired of trying to make a phone call from home on your cell phone but the connection drops based on which part of the house you are in? Having an unreliable service can defeat the whole purpose of having a cell phone. You do not want to find yourself in a situation where you are not receiving phone calls or are unable to make them when you need to.

Emergency Use

It may be nice to have a phone on hand just in case someone has an emergency. If your kids needed to make a phone call and call 911, do they currently have a cell phone of their own to do it? Would they know how to unlock your cell phone to make a call? Consider the peace of mind it would give you if you had a landline at home for emergency use.

Power Outage Protection

You can usually use your cell phone to make a call when you have a power outage, but you'll eventually run out of battery life and be unable to make phone calls. Landline service is going to work whether you have power or not. This is because your landline phone provider has battery backups in place that will help provide you with service for quite some time if the power is out to guarantee that the service still works. 

Clear Sound

Your cell phone reception can vary from day to day, even if you are making calls from the exact same spot when it previously worked perfectly. Network congestion can lead to connection dropouts where people miss words that you are saying, or just low phone call quality that is not as clear as a landline. 

Device Connectivity

You may have some devices in your home that require a landline in order to dial out or receive calls. For example, if you have an alarm system, a telephone line may be necessary to call 911. If you live in an apartment and have a call box, it may require a landline so that people can buzz up to your unit. This can make a landline a necessity for your home to have the device connectivity you need.