Want A Gigabit Internet Plan? 4 Ways To Make Use Of The Impressive Speeds

If you are looking to get a new Internet plan for your home, you may want to start looking at all your options. When you have not looked at these plans for several years, you may have missed out on numerous upgrades that your local internet service providers have invested in. While DSL and cable connections used to be some of the fastest and most reliable connections in the past, they have been overtaken by fiber-optic internet services.

Maximizing Your Internet Connection's Performance And Security

When you are moving into a new home, you will likely need to add an internet connection. Due to your internet connection being something that you use daily, it can be easy to take it for granted. This can lead to instances of performance problems or security hazards. Opt For A Faster Connection Than You Think You Will Need Individuals will often make the mistake of opting for an internet connection that is too slow for their needs.

Increase Desktop Internet Speeds By Making A Few Adjustments

When you have a desktop that you use every day at home, you likely rely on having a solid Internet connection to handle most of the things that you do on your computer. But, you may have noticed that your Internet speeds are not as fast or reliable as you would like them to be. Although you could get a new desktop in hopes of improving the speeds, you should also take a lot at other things that can affect your Internet speed and connection.

Business Wi-Fi Security For Employees And Customers

You probably know that offering your customers free Wi-Fi is one of the smartest business decisions you made. Wi-Fi access can significantly increase customer satisfaction, sales and even brand ambassadorship for your business. However, all these benefits come with a flipside. If the Wi-Fi is not secure, non-customers and non-employees will be taking advantage and using your Wi-Fi without your knowledge. Worse than that, people will be able to access your business data.

Understanding The Cause Of Online Gaming Lag

Online gaming can be considered a perfect test of network performance because of both the meters installed in most games and the almost tactile response when things aren't working properly. Network performance is important for basic game playability, let alone progression through new, challenging content or competitive eSports. If you're running into gaming performance problems, here's some troubleshooting insight to pinpoint internet problems and other issues that could be affecting system performance.